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Plan Governance

The Municipal Employees' Pension Plan (MEPP) is governed by The Municipal Employees' Pension Act (the Act) and The Municipal Employees' Pension Regulations. MEPP is a registered pension plan under The Pension Benefits Act, 1992 and the Income Tax Act (Canada).

Municipal Employees' Pension Commission

The Municipal Employees' Pension Commission (the Commission) oversees the administration of MEPP and its investments. The 12-member Commission consists of six members appointed by organizations representing employees and six members appointed by organizations that represent employers. Appointing bodies are listed in the Act. The Commission selects two of its members to sit as Chair and Vice-Chair every two years.

Plan administrator

The Commission delegates the day-to-day administration of MEPP to Plannera Pensions & Benefits (Plannera).

Code of conduct and conflict of interest procedures

To aid it in its governance of the Plan, the Commission has adopted a code of conduct and conflict of interest policy.

This policy ensures Commission members:

  • have a full understanding of the Commission's principles and values;
  • have a process in place to assist them in determining appropriate business practices and behaviour; and
  • maintain their independence and integrity as they fulfill their obligations to the Plan members.

Each Commission member reviews and signs-off on the code of conduct and conflict of interest procedures annually.

Municipal Employees' Pension Plan Governance Self-Assessment Questionnaire

The Municipal Employees' Pension Commission has established a review process to regularly assess its governance practices. Responses to the questions are intended to be thorough and analytical to reflect the current situation of the Plan, pointing out areas that require improvement.

This questionnaire is completed each year by a person who has the best knowledge of the answer to each question, and is approved by the Chairperson of the Commission after due consultation with the Commission.


Plannera will respond to all inquiries or concerns related to the administration of the Plan.

You are encouraged to discuss and resolve issues with Plannera staff.

If an issue arises that cannot be resolved in discussion with Plannera staff, a member may request a formal response from Plannera respecting the issue. A member who disagrees with Plannera’s formal response, can make a complaint to the Commission. As a complainant, you must specify how you disagree with the response provided by Plannera with respect to the provisions of the plan specified in the formal response, and/or as provided in the legislation and regulations governing MEPP.

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