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Investments and Plan governance play a key role in the Municipal Employees’ Pension Plan's success. The Municipal Employees’ Pension Commission oversees administration of the Plan and the investment of the pension fund. Learn more about the Commission itself, its investment policies and procedures, and gain insights into MEPP’s approach to investing.

All pension plans invest the contributions that come into the Plan along with investment earnings to provide future pensions.
Governance is the structure and processes used to oversee, manage, and administer a plan according to legislation and in the best interest of Plan members.
The MEPP Funding Policy provides a framework for the sound financial management of the Plan.
Appointments to the Commission are made pursuant to Section 7 of The Municipal Employees' Pension Act.
MEPP, like other pension plans, is required to report its financials annually while other aspects of plan administration are voluntarily reported.
Here is where our heart is, MEPP's vision, mission, and goals provide direction and focus to ensure the long-term viability of the plan.
Here are some quick facts about MEPP.
MEPP is governed by provincial and federal legislation.

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