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AUGUST 2, 2023

Retirement Planning Workshops and Individual Consultations

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It makes sense for you, a MEPP member, to tap into an invaluable resource: MEPP’s retirement planning workshops and individual consultations.

  • The schedule of upcoming workshops is always available on our public websites. If you’d like to register, you can do it at our Learning Events page.
  • Workshops are facilitated by our Retirement Information Consultants (RICs), who are QAFP™ and CFP® professionals.
  • Workshops are customized to age and stage of career – early career, mid-career and approaching retirement. 
  • You can also book an individual consultation with a RIC to do a deeper dive on your personal situation.

Here are seven interesting things that are explored in workshops:

  1. Where does my money go? Find out ways you can understand your current financial situation. 
  2. Knowing your financial goals: Should I pay down debt? Should I save more for retirement? 
  3. Managing debt: How much do I have? How am I paying it off?
  4. Optimizing tax: RRSPs or TFSAs? Which one is best for me? 
  5. Planning for unknowns: What if I get sick and can’t work? How does insurance fit in?
  6. Retirement timing: How long will my money last? What sources of income will I have?
  7. Canada Penson Plan and Old Age Security: Should I take it early? Should I delay?


MEPP offers workshops to improve member’s financial wellness. The workshops are comprised of six financial planning components – financial management, investment planning, insurance and risk, retirement planning, taxation and estate planning. The workshops provide valuable information on how to maximize the benefits of your pension plan – reap the reward in the future, become more knowledgeable about what MEPP has to offer, and boost your confidence in the plan.

One-on-one member consultations are also opportunities to discuss your specific financial situation, create a plan, or review your existing plan. Although RICs can’t give advice, they can review your plan, and help you understand all your options.

What have members said about their individual consultation?

“My wife and I were thoroughly satisfied with the information and help we received … Being not very knowledgeable in financial planning we both feel quite confidant going forward with our planning. Great meeting and great help…”

“All in all, I've had some great experiences with the PEBA team, and I just wanted to let someone know that I appreciate this very much. It has instilled confidence in me and I feel secure in knowing I have trusted people to turn to with questions and concerns in the future.”

Here is what one member said who attended the PREPARE workshop!

“The speaker was funny as well as knowledgeable. She made the workshop entertaining and used personal examples that I could relate to.”

No matter where you are in your career, connect with one of the RICs today by attending a workshop or booking an individual consultation. We are here to help you plan for your financial future.