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Terminal Illness

Employees diagnosed with a terminal illness may apply in writing to the Commission for a lump sum payment of the value of their pension. MEPP will correspond directly with the employee once a written application is received.

The process is as follows:

Contact MEPP by letter or email asking for information on terminal illness payout.

MEPP will send you a letter explaining the procedure and forms for you and your attending physician to complete:

  • an Authorization for Release of Information form; and
  • a Medical Status Statement. This statement supplies the adjudicator with:
    • a brief description of your medical condition and diagnosis including the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the physicians who are currently treating your condition and name of long term disability insurer (if you are receiving long term disability payments)

The adjudicator compiles and reviews all medical information and provides a recommendation to MEPP as to whether the application meets MEPP’s definition of terminal illness.

We will inform you of the adjudicator’s decision. If you meet the medical definition of terminal illness, upon approval MEPP will provide a spousal waiver to be completed, if applicable.

When your request for payout is approved

If you are single, you will receive a cheque for the requested amount less withholding tax.

If you have a spouse (see the MEPP website for the definition of a spouse), your spouse will be required to sign a Spouse's Waiver of Pre-Retirement Survivor Benefit form. Your spouse must waive all rights to the portion of your pension funds that you have applied to access.

Your spouse is normally entitled to survivor benefits from your pension. Under the terminal illness provision you are entitled to withdraw the entire balance, which would leave your spouse with no survivor benefit in the event of your death. Therefore, your spouse’s consent is required prior to the benefit being paid out. The waiver will be included with the application. Once the waiver is received at MEPP, the benefit will be paid out accordingly less the withholding tax.

If your application is denied

If you disagree with the adjudicator’s decision, you may appeal to the Municipal Employees’ Commission to have your application and medical information re-evaluated. The Commission will make a final decision by, with your written consent, reviewing the information that was provided to the adjudicator.

Should your condition change, you may re-apply at any time.

For more information, call MEPP.